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Ergonomics Recommendations for Remote Work

Make sure your space is out of the way of high-traffic areas to reduce distractions. Use these general tips as a starting point and get creative to adjust your workstation to your own comfort. If you experience discomfort, do not just push through to complete the task.

Your desk should allow your elbows to be slightly less than a 90-degree angle. This allows you to keep your wrists in a neutral position and is better for blood flow to your hands and fingers. Paying attention to your home office setup can help prevent physical discomfort and musculoskeletal disorders. When combined with monitoring your physical and mental health, some of the possible negative effects of this unprecedented work-at-home experience can be avoided. The good news is that raising awareness of these principles will also help improve your “regular” work environment when we one day return. While some may be fortunate to have a designated home office, others are competing for workspace with family members.

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Office chairs are meant for long periods of productive sitting; they should enable you to keep your hands on your keyboard and mouse without stretching awkwardly. You have plenty of options to choose from, starting at around $100 and easily surpassing $1,000. With that in mind, these are our top picks for office and gaming chairs, and what you should know before buying yours.

  • People who sit a lot every day have an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and early death (1, 2).
  • You have plenty of options to choose from, starting at around $100 and easily surpassing $1,000.
  • Using a laptop computer may lead to discomfort because of the low screen height and cramped keyboard and touchpad.
  • If you do not have a desk, you may consider purchasing a small one.
  • If you are the only person using the space, customizing will reduce the time and discomfort of sitting at a station that does not fit you.
  • This is all to say that if you like a gaming chair’s design and features, don’t worry that it isn’t called an office chair.

If you don’t have an office chair in the home, consider adding a cushion to the back of the chair you’re using to help keep you from slouching. Most experts agree that the ability to spend some time sitting and some time standing while working is optimum for musculoskeletal health. If you already have an office in your home, simply check that your keyboard, monitor, and desk are the proper height and you are able to reach all the things you need while working. A typical kitchen or dining room table height is about 28 to 30 inches, so the height of your table should be fine for setting up your home office there. However, if you wear bifocals, you may need to adjust the tilt by 30 to 40 degrees. This helps you use your bifocal lenses the right way without craning your neck.

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No matter where your office is, the lighting and your vision should be a priority in setting up your workspace. Because each individual is very different, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to ergonomics. In order to minimize external noise, use a headphone with a microphone for teleconference calls or to reduce outside noise while working. When possible, use the time during the calls to stand up, walk, and stretch. Ergonomics is about fitting the tasks being performed to the capabilities of the human performing them. To this end, key ergonomic concepts can be summed up with one word ‘N-E-W’.

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